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Shabbaton With Arachim

An impressive and spectacular turnout with several hundreds members of a variety of Orthodox communities  reached new levels of inspiration this past year Shabbos Nachamu weekend getaway with Arachim, the renowned worldwide kiruv organization, presented an array of stimulating lectures at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Connecticut. The program – based on Arachim’s standard outreach presentations but adapted for a frum audience – featured distinguished Torah scholars who expounded on fundamental Jewish beliefs and values through eye-opening proofs and discussion.

Throughout the weekend, many of the guests could be heard commenting about the passionate ruach that filled the atmosphere. In addition to the scintillating discussions, everyone enjoyed scrumptious gourmet meals catered and luxurious accommodations, and a gala Melave Malka featuring uplifting live music. An exclusive feature of Arachim’s international activities designed to help estranged Jews return to their heritage was shown through a special video presentation. “This program was exceptional in every way,” enthused one of the participants. “Each of the speakers conveyed a particular facet of Arachim’s very unique message about the centrality of Torah in our lives. Arachim is an outstanding force for kiruv in Eretz Yisroel and around the world.

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